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The Blenheim Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Project

Stay informed about developments pertaining to the restoration of the Blenheim Covered Bridge.
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Town Gov't & Services

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Town Departments

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Beauty and the Beads

913 West Kill Rd, Jefferson, NY 12093

Custom jewelry designs, cake décor, wedding jewelry, childrens sets, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings.  Costume and vintage, gold (12k, 14k, 18k, 24k), silver (plated and sterling).

Phone: 607-652-2558

email: patootie973@msn.com

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NY Rising Project The Town of Blenheim is a recipient of the Governor’s Office, NY Rising program. Through many meetings of a committee consisting of Blenheim residents and with input from many other interested residents, several projects were identified as qualifying for the program.  A final project selection was made and identified was improvement and relocation of the Town Hall. The Town is being assisted in this process by Schoharie County Planning.  An engineering/planning firm, Delaware Engineering, has been selected to also assist with this effort. One of the first objectives is to find a suitable location for the new facility.  The search  …

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