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Kripple Kreek Kennels

247 Avenue of the Stars, North Blenheim, NY 12131

A training facility with a one on one approach to training with a handler with over 30 years experience.  Training – Problem Solving – Obedience – Bird Dogs – Security Dogs.  Also, boarding your dog in gigantic 12’x12′ pens, one dog per pen.  Pens are surrounded with an additional 6′ tall security fence to ensure safety!

Phone:  518-827-8747

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Blenheim News

To the Members of the Blenheim Hose Co. And The Residents of the Town of Blenheim November 16, 2019 I must start out with a list of Thank You’s!   To ‘Cheddy’ Keyser and Marie Cornell who were on the end of the hose putting water on Earl Allen’s house minutes before it almost caught fire.  To Del Vroman, Kevin Gillespie, Bob Wilsey, Bill Zichichi, and Joe Ward who helped me all that night.  All 8 of the Blenheim Hose Co. who fought 3 fires in one night.  Call out to Bob Wilsey and Marie as they put out a car  …

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