Blenheim News


Blenheim may soon be the site of a fully staffed County ambulance.  Blenheim Supervisor Don Airey has been working with Mike Hartzel, Director of the Office of Emergency Services, for several years now, on a plan to better serve the residents of Schoharie County.   While there are many volunteer and paid ambulance services throughout the County, there still remained areas which were not sufficiently covered. 

The Board of Supervisors convened a special committee to study this situation.   They proposed adding two fully staffed ambulances, one in the northern part of Schoharie County and the other in the southern part of Schoharie County.   A third ambulance will likely come on-line sometime in the future.

Since the new Blenheim Town Municipal buildings have been completed and occupied, Blenheim was considering options for the old Municipal Town Hall & Hose Company, the Hitchcock Building.  An idea of having the County use that facility for emergency services has been in the works for quite a long time.

At a recent County Finance Committee, it was approved that the County would be utilizing the Hitchcock Building for the purpose of providing improved emergency response to the southern area of Schoharie County.

It is expected that the ambulance and staff will be in the building, serving, along with MEVAC and the other local volunteer response teams, all the residents in the southern part of Schoharie County, mid to late summer.