2018 Blenheim Re-Cap

2018 Blenheim Re-Cap Submitted by local resident Gail Shaffer BLENHEIM  Long – Term Recovery Committee 2018   ~   Year-End Reflections  &  Thanks to Our Volunteers Date:   November 29, 2018    From:   Gail Shaffer, Chair To:   Blenheim LTCR  Committee Members,  Town Board Members, & Project Volunteers ==================================================================================== Ho Ho,  y’all  ! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, …..and all the best for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, and Joyful New Year! The Holidays are a time for reflection, for taking stock of our blessings, and for thanking folks for special efforts.  I shall attempt here to wrap up the year with some  …

Town Hall Complex – NY Rising

NY Rising Town Complex These links will show you plans to date.  New Blenheim Town Hall and Fire Dept Bldgs 4.25.17 New Blenheim Highway Munic Bldgs 4.25.17 Previous Plans    New Complex Blenheim Elevations Floorplan A-2     New Complex Blenheim Floorplan A-1     New Complex Blenheim Site Plan The Town of Blenheim is a recipient of the Governor’s Office, NY Rising program. Through many meetings of a committee consisting of Blenheim residents and with input from many other interested residents, several projects were identified as qualifying for the program.  A final project selection was made and identified was improvement and relocation of the Town Hall. The  …

Blenheim Bridge

BLENHEIM BRIDGE NEWS UPDATE  –  the bridge is completed – and ready for visitors.  Other good news is the Documentary has aired on NOVA this October.  DVD of the project ” Operation Bridge Rescue” can be purchased through “”.  


Future Home of Blenheim Community Cultural Center The INDOOR YARD SALE is open – come visit – proceeds benefit funding efforts to rehab and improve the building. To assist with the revitalization after the flooding of Hurricane Irene, FEMA helped a volunteer citizen group of Blenheim residents (via the FEMA ESF-14 program) create the Blenheim Long Term Community Recovery Plan.  (see copy of document under BLTCR Committee link) One of the many projects and initiatives identified and borne out of the LTCR Plan was the need and development of a Community Cultural Center.  The program Champion was Gail Shaffer.  The  …


LAWS & ORDINANCES 2018-1_Cold War Veteran Tax-Exemption 2017-1_Veteran Late Filing Exemption 2015 Local Law 1_Exploding Targets 2014 Local Law #3_Prohibition of Natural Gas Extraction 2014 Local Law #3-_Appendix_Prohibition of Natural Gas Extraction 2014 Local Law #2_TOWN OF BLENHEIM First Time Homebuyer Property Tax Abatement 2014 Local Law #1_TOWN OF BLENHEIM Home Improvement Exemption


Resolutions 2018 Resolution_24 2018 Resolutions_7A, 22, 23 2018 Resolutions_11-21 2018 Resolutions_1-10    

Animal Control

Animal Control Joe Derma 518-937-1278 or 518-872-0127 Mr. Derma can be contacted regarding Dog control issues for the Town of Blenheim.

Town of Blenheim Budget

2019 Final Budget Adopted 2018 Final Budget Adopted


Comprehensive Plan The Town Board adopted the Blenheim Comprehensive Plan at its February 3, 2014 meeting. Town of Blenheim Comprehensive Plan 2014 part 1 Appendix B_Part1_Maps Appendix B_Part2_Maps draft Town of Blenheim Comprehensive Plan 2014_v1 The Comprehensive Plan Committee presented the Town Board with its final recommendations at the November 4, 2013 Town Board Meeting. The Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan was held December 2, 2013 during the regular Town Board Meeting which began at 7 p.m. The Comprehensive Plan was submitted to the County Planning Commission and the Town Board awaits their comments.  After receipt, the Town Board will consider adoption of the  …

Public Hearing Notices

PUBLIC HEARING NOTICES No scheduled Hearings at this time  

Town Board Meetings

The Town  Board Meetings are held: 1st WEDNESDAY of every month, at 7 p.m. Blenheim Town Hall, 1748 St. Rt. 30, Blenheim, NY 12131          

L & L Logging

L & L Logging   1877 St. Rt. 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131 L & L Logging is equipped to provide services of land clearing and timber harvest.  If contacted, we will be able to give free estimates on property site on a discussed and set upon date.  All species of timber harvested including hardwood and soft wood.  Will also provide “clean up” services to property with up-rooted heavy wind damaged tree destruction.  NYS certified.  All job sites included with terms and conditions in contract. Quality and respect for not only our customers but their land we service.  Ensuring we  …