Grease Monkey Repairs

1849 St. Rt. 30

Performing all phases of automotive, light truck and fleet repairs, as well as small engines, atv’s, general equipment repairs, welding and custom fabrications.

Speedy repairs, reasonable rates, and happy customers.!/pages/Grease-Monkey-Auto-Repairs/142337779166960

phone: 518-795-7338




L & L Logging

logging IMG_5144
1877 St. Rt. 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

L & L Logging is equipped to provide services of land clearing and timber harvest.  If contacted, we will be able to give free estimates on property site on a discussed and set upon date.  All species of timber harvested including hardwood and soft wood.  Will also provide “clean up” services to property with up-rooted heavy wind damaged tree destruction.  NYS certified.  All job sites included with terms and conditions in contract.

Quality and respect for not only our customers but their land we service.  Ensuring we do the best we can to make sure satisfaction is met with each customer.

Phone:  518-795-5215




Kripple Kreek Kennels

247 Avenue of the Stars, North Blenheim, NY 12131

A training facility with a one on one approach to training with a handler with over 30 years experience.  Training – Problem Solving – Obedience – Bird Dogs – Security Dogs.  Also, boarding your dog in gigantic 12’x12′ pens, one dog per pen.  Pens are surrounded with an additional 6′ tall security fence to ensure safety!

Phone:  518-827-8747


New York Stoneware Industries

244 Eastside Road, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Quality antiques (furniture, kitchen items, jewelry, misc.).  Vintage signs made to order.  Chair caning and restoration, including rushwork.  Photo gallery made available upon request.

Phone:  518-827-6204





New York Stoneware

244 Eastside Road, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Manufacturer of quality stoneware pottery of historical or contemporary design, utilizing authentic decorations in blue slip or custom design. Our mail order catalog is available call 518-827-6204 today.

Phone: 518-827-6204




Royal Oak Farms


1827 State Rte 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

We sell feed grains: whole corn, corn meal, cracked corn, whole oats, blackoil seed sunflowers, and soy beans.  We also grind and mix feeds: layer mash, pig feed, and beef feed.  You can buy it bagged or in bulk, retail or wholesale.  Also available are hay and straw.

Phone: 518-827-6384




Beauty and the Beads

913 West Kill Rd, Jefferson, NY 12093

Custom jewelry designs, cake décor, wedding jewelry, childrens sets, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings.  Costume and vintage, gold (12k, 14k, 18k, 24k), silver (plated and sterling).

Phone: 607-652-2558



Blenheim Hill Farm

Blenheim Hill Farms
Blenheim, New York

Blenheim Hill Farm is a 150-acre diversified farm located in the township of Blenheim NY. Manhattan-based Smörgås Chef Restaurant Group established Blenheim Hill to provide the freshest sustainable produce and meat to guests of its Smörgås Chef restaurants, Crepes du Nord, and Nordlys Group catering. As established restaurateurs, our mission in becoming local farmers is two-fold. In addition to being good stewards of the land and its resources, we want to provide the 300,000 plus guests we serve each year with natural, sustainable and locally grown produce and meat while simultaneously developing a financially viable model for small-scale local farming.

Morten Sohlberg  |  chef |farmer | owner
Smörgås Chef Restaurant Group  |  |

Phone: 212 514 8411  |  visit me on Facebook



Invisible Circus

Invisible Circus
1462 North Road, North Blenheim NY 12131

Invisible Circus is a New York based design house that provides lighting consultation and installation services for the architectural and entertainment industries.  Our specialty is providing elegant solutions to unique challenges while maintaining a practical hands on approach to responsible system design and execution. Our experience and background in lighting allow us to offer a wide variety of services from designing traditional illumination systems, unique fixture and application design, field aiming and maintenance, system evaluation and energy retrofit programs.

Phone: 518-827-7034



Mattice’s River Bank Farm

Great tasting sweet corn!

Great tasting sweet corn!

1976 State Rte 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Wholesale vegetables: sweet corn, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, potatoes, pumpkins, gourds, indian corn.  To purchase vegetables, call and place an order.  Vegetables also available through the Schoharie Fresh website:   We are a low spray farm.  We only spray when absolutely necessary and a lot of what we use is for certified organic growers.

Phone: 518-827-5272


Facebook:Mattice’s River Bank Farm



Elkhund Woodworks

Elkhund Carpentry

Elkhund Carpentry

1492 State Rte 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Furniture of all kinds, custom moldings, doors and windows and restoration millwork.

Phone: 518-827-3248



Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Blenheim Pharmacal, Inc.

Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

119 Creamery Road, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Northwind specializes in pharmaceutical packaging and repackaging of all prescription legend drugs. Other services include private labeling and custom packaging services, as well as solid dose antibiotic packaging and repackaging in separate controlled facilities.  As a fully registered Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, New York State Department of Health, and VAWD accredited facility, Northwind is equipped and capable of handling your pharmaceutical packaging and repackaging projects.

Mailing Address: 119 Creamery Road, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Phone: 518-827-7750

Website/email: –

Facebook: Pharmaceuticals


Caron Carpentry

Caron Carpentry

Caron Carpentry

1710 State Rte 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Building log and conventional framed homes, additions and remodeling.

Phone: 518-827-5588



North Blenheim United Methodist Church

North Blenheim United methodist Church

North Blenheim United methodist Church

1881 State Rte 30, North Blenheim, NY 12131

We accept donations of gently used items including clothing for all ages, baby items, toys, books, housewares, knick-knacks, small appliances and shoes.  Items have a suggested donation of 25 cents and up.  Shop in a friendly atmosphere between the hours of 11 am- 3 pm, Fridays and Saturdays.  Food pantry is open Fri and Sat 11 am- 1 pm.  For an appointment please call 518-827-6677 or 518-827-4735.

Mailing Address: PO Box 137, North Blenheim, NY 12131

Phone: 518-827-6677


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