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Comprehensive Plan Committee

In November 2010, the Town of Blenheim appointed a Comprehensive Plan Committee consisting of six to seven members tasked with developing a Comprehensive Plan via a public input process.  The Committee worked closely with Schoharie County Planning and Development to generate the final plan.

The goals of a Comprehensive Plan are multi-fold.  The Plan seeks to identify unique, historic, natural and other features of Blenheim for preservation, economic development and cultural/recreational purposes.  In addition, the Plan also provides for the framework in which future local laws will be considered or adopted.  One of the most important aspects of a Comprehensive Plan is the consideration and implementation of the desires of the residents and property owners of Blenheim for the town’s roadmap for the future.  Issues such as land use, agricultural preservation, residential development, general preservation, economic development, industrial uses, tourism, government grant opportunities, overall town growth, etc., and a shared vision for the future will be addressed.

To identify and protect historic and/or natural resources and address any possible liabilities that this may create.

To determine if any citizens are interested in land use regulations – examples being site planning, town board approval of new businesses and zoning.

To make the public aware of what the community wants and does not want.

To minimize conflict over future town growth and/or changes

To define a shared, positive vision for our community

To define a shared, positive vision for the community

To enable land use regulations, if wanted

To identify and protect assets/resources and identify and address liabilities

To minimize conflict

To prevent future problems and avoid repeating past mistakes

To make the public aware of what the community wants and does not want

To improve access to government & private support, funding, technical assistance, partnerships

These community desires were gathered via a town wide survey and community meetings.  The results were compiled by the Comprehensive Plan Committee along with the help of Schoharie County Planning & Development.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee presented its final copy to the Town Board at the December 2013 Town Board Meeting.

Click Here to view the  Town of Blenheim Comprehensive Plan 2014 part 1
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