For Blenheim residents only:
Garbage is collected for disposal at Hitchcock Building, 1748 State Route 30, North Blenheim, every Saturday between the hours of 8:30 am and 11:30 am. The recycling container is also located on site.

Re-Cycling – ONLY clean, loose items to be put into the green re-cycling bins.  ONLY plastic, paper, glass, cans and cardboard to be put, loose, into bin.  No bagged items – dump out any bags – Clean, loose re-cycling only.  Any other garbage items go into trash truck.

The first Saturday of each month a large container, for METAL ONLY disposal, will be on site. No household waste, no hazardous waste, no furniture, no tires…. METAL ONLY.

For home or roadside trash collection, private haulers are available for their regular fees.

Items not accepted each Saturday can be taken to Schoharie County Transfer Station for disposal. 2805 St. Rt. 7, Howes Cave, NY 518-295-8347