To the Members of the Blenheim Hose Co.


The Residents of the Town of Blenheim

November 16, 2019

I must start out with a list of Thank You’s!   To ‘Cheddy’ Keyser and Marie Cornell who were on the end of the hose putting water on Earl Allen’s house minutes before it almost caught fire.  To Del Vroman, Kevin Gillespie, Bob Wilsey, Bill Zichichi, and Joe Ward who helped me all that night.  All 8 of the Blenheim Hose Co. who fought 3 fires in one night.  Call out to Bob Wilsey and Marie as they put out a car fire which might have spread to the house on Cinnamon Lane.

To all the mutual aid companies that helped: Conesville, Grand Gorge, Jefferson, Middleburgh, and West Fulton.  Call out to Bruce from West Fulton whose ingenuity kept us in water when we ran out on the second and third fire.

And then another vehicle fire a couple days later.  Another call out to Del Vroman as the following day he got our tanker repaired so that it was back in service.

Support is NOT agreeing when the answer is ‘yes’.

Support is agreeing when the answer is ‘no’, and you want the answer to be ‘yes’.

The statement has been made that the Blenheim Hose Co. is always asking for donations.  Yes.  The year to date donations has been $9,490.  This is roughly 1/10th of the lowest fire tax levy over all the fire departments / fire districts in Schoharie county.  Our insurance alone in 2019 is $6,822.42. 

It is my understanding that Don Airey and the Town Board are investigating setting up a fire district for Blenheim.  While I wish this wasn’t necessary – it is!  And I certainly wish the circumstances were better.  As of November 14th, Ray Dejoy (Chief) and Elizabeth Dejoy (President and 2nd Assistant Chief) have resigned from their positions in Blenheim Hose Co.  “You always had my back – THANK YOU!).

At our November fire meeting I will be requesting that a new nominating committee be appointed to propose a new slate of Officers for the positions of Chief, 1st Assistant Chief, 2nd Assistant Chief, President, and Treasurer. 

Lyndon Cornell

1st Assistant Chief and Treasurer